Discover Thanet’s Blue Flag and Seaside Award Beaches for 2024

Welcome to Explore Thanet, your ultimate guide to uncovering the hidden gems along the stunning Kent coastline. This year, we’re thrilled to spotlight the Blue Flag and Seaside Award beaches that make Thanet a premier destination for beach lovers. These accolades reflect the highest standards of cleanliness, safety, and environmental management. Let’s explore what makes these beaches stand out and what you can do in the surrounding towns.

What are Blue Flag and Seaside Awards?

The Blue Flag award is a prestigious international mark of excellence for beaches, marinas, and sustainable boating tourism operators. To receive this award, a beach must meet stringent criteria covering water quality, safety, environmental education, and management. The Seaside Award, on the other hand, celebrates the quality and diversity of England’s beaches.

To learn more about the criteria, visit the Blue Flag website.

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Blue Flag Beaches in Thanet

  1. Minnis Bay, Birchington
  • Why Visit? This expansive sandy beach is perfect for families, offering shallow waters ideal for paddling and a range of coastal walks.
  • Facilities: Cafes, toilets, a sailing club, and accessible paths make it a convenient and enjoyable spot.
  1. St. Mildred’s Bay, Westgate-on-Sea
  • Why Visit? With its mix of sand and rock pools, St. Mildred’s Bay is a fantastic location for exploring marine life and relaxing by the sea.
  • Facilities: Promenade, cafes, toilets, and easy parking ensure a hassle-free visit.
  1. Botany Bay, Broadstairs
  • Why Visit? Known for its stunning chalk cliffs and clear rock pools, Botany Bay is a secluded beach ideal for fossil hunting and kayaking adventures.
  • Facilities: Basic amenities and beautiful walking paths enhance its natural charm.
  1. Joss Bay, Broadstairs
  • Why Visit? Joss Bay is a surfer’s paradise with a surf school on-site and plenty of space for sunbathing and picnicking.
  • Facilities: Surf school, cafes, and restrooms ensure a fun and comfortable day out.

Seaside Award Beaches

  1. West Bay, Westgate-on-Sea
  • A charming beach with sand and rock pools, perfect for family outings.
  1. Westbrook Bay, Margate
  • A sandy haven ideal for water sports and beach games.
  1. Margate Main Sands
  • Famous for its wide sandy expanse, perfect for traditional seaside fun.
  1. Walpole Bay, Margate
  • Features tidal pools and a scenic promenade.
  1. Stone Bay, Broadstairs
  • A quieter beach backed by cliffs, great for a peaceful day out.
  1. Viking Bay, Broadstairs
  • The quintessential English seaside beach with numerous amenities.
  1. Louisa Bay, Broadstairs
  • A small, picturesque beach with interesting rock pools.
  1. Ramsgate Main Sands
  • A vibrant beach near the town center, ideal for families.

Things to Do in Thanet’s Main Towns


  • Dreamland: A vintage amusement park offering retro rides, roller coasters, and live entertainment. It’s a great spot for a fun-filled day with family and friends.
  • Turner Contemporary: An art gallery showcasing contemporary art exhibitions, named after the famous painter J.M.W. Turner who loved Margate.


  • Dickens House Museum: Explore the museum dedicated to Charles Dickens, who frequently visited Broadstairs and found inspiration for his novels.
  • Bleak House: The house where Dickens wrote parts of “David Copperfield” is now a museum and offers tours.


  • Ramsgate Tunnels: Discover the history of the UK’s largest network of civilian wartime tunnels, which provided shelter during World War II.
  • Royal Harbour: Enjoy a stroll along the marina, dotted with cafes and restaurants, and soak in the maritime atmosphere.


What is the significance of a Blue Flag?
A Blue Flag signifies that the beach meets the highest standards for water quality, safety, environmental education, and management. It ensures a clean, safe, and well-maintained environment.

How often are Blue Flag beaches evaluated?
Blue Flag beaches are assessed annually to ensure they maintain the strict criteria required for the award.

When is the best time to visit Thanet?
Thanet’s beaches are delightful year-round. Summer is ideal for beach activities, while spring and autumn offer a quieter experience with mild weather. Winter provides serene landscapes perfect for peaceful walks.

Where can I find more information about Blue Flag beaches?
For the latest updates and detailed criteria, visit the official Blue Flag website.

Explore these award-winning beaches on your next trip to Thanet and enjoy the pristine sands, clear waters, and exceptional facilities. For more travel tips and authentic experiences, stay tuned to Explore Thanet.


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