Why do we have a high and low tide?


 Tides are the rise and fall of sea levels caused by the combined effects of gravitational forces exerted by the Moon, Sun, and rotation of the Earth. See our live Thanet Tide Timetable Some shorelines experience two nearly equal high and low tides each day, called a semi-diurnal tide. Some locations …

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Successful Beachcross March 2015


 The Margate beach cross has finished off what was another successful and exciting weekend in Margate. While throughout the weekend it a bit bracing we saw hundreds if not thousands of spectators come to watch the event all wrapped up nice and warm. From the start it was evident that …

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local interests


 At Explore Thanet we are creating and updating our whats local page, on this page we show you what the interesting locations are and things to do.   We also provide links to the website and phone numbers if applicable. Check out what’s local < link >