St Augustine’s Cross

This 19th-century cross of Saxon design marks what is traditionally thought to have been the site of St Augustine’s landing on the shores of England in AD 597. Accompanied by 30 followers, Augustine is said to have held a mass here before moving on.

Friend to all Nations

The Friend to all Nations was the second surfboat stationed at Margate for maritime rescue. She entered service on 6 July 1878 and was retired after being damaged in a storm on 30 November 1898. She became famous for a failed rescue in the great storm of 1897, during which 9 of her 13 crew were lost.

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Fort Hill Fire Beacon

On top of Fort Hill in Margate is a fire beacon in the area that Margate Battery once stood (which consisted of 2 x 6-inch Mk VII guns on naval mountings)

the Beacon is now missing the ‘basket’ at the top and has no sign either.


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Memorial – First World War (1914-1918)

This is a unique stone circular fountain on an unusual four-stepped base, its not very well known and most people pass by it without knowing what it is there for.

If you are near and interested then take a quick look. Map Link

Memorial Address:
Lewis Crescent



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Korean Memorial

Korean War memorial in Margate erected to honour veterans of the Korean War (1950 – 1953) located on Fort Hill Margate

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