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What’s Local

Fancy playing some Crazy Golf visiting a Museum, Zoo, Swimming or just doing some other free activities such as walks around the coast or a park visit that will enhance your trip to give you and your family some ideas of whats you can do in Thanet.  Look no further and check out the list below!

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Winter Gardens

The Winter Gardens hosts a wide variety of events from summer shows and musicals to top TV performers and concerts. Some events are sold out very quickly so its well worth visiting.

Margate Wintergardens
+44 (0)1843 292795
Pegwell Bay

Pegwell Bay
The Trust's largest and one of its most important nature reserves, with the only ancient dune pasture in Kent. The reserve is made up of a complex mosaic of habitats: inter-tidal mudflats, saltmarsh, shingle beach, sand dunes, ancient dune pastures, chalk cliffs, wave cut platform and coastal scrubland.

The reserve is of international importance for its waders and wildfowl, best seen over winter or during the spring and autumn migrations.

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Ramsgate Football Club

Ramsgate Football Club


RFC are based Ramsgate, the earliest incarnation of which (Ramsgate Town) was formed about 1886 Ryman South.

(rating for football is based on price, and league performance)


Wingham  Wildlife Park

When you come to visit us here at Wingham Wildlife Park fully expect to receive a warm welcome from all of the resident animals that live at the park.


Strokes  Mini Golf

Strokes Adventure Golf is an 18 hole mini golf course set in attractive surroundings which incorporate rockscapes, plants and water features.

Margate Football Club

MFC was founded in 1896/7 as an amateur club, they currently play in the Ryman Premier

(rating for football is based on price, and league performance)

Victorian Lift Ramsgate

Victorian Lift Ramsgate is something of a historic piece, its classic design gives you a feel of what the Victorians would have felt like being lowered to the beach level in the lift.

The lift is free to use, open in summer.

Jetski World

Jetski world and The Jetski Cafe are non member organisations. therefore anyone is welcome if your in to Jetski’s then this is for you

Korean Memorial

Korean War memorial in Margate erected to honour veterans of the Korean War (1950 - 1953) located on Fort Hill Margate

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Margate Harbour Arm

Margates Harbour Arm is a lovely place to come for a walk it is south-facing therefore it is in the sun all day.
Come and see the beautiful views of the sea and the town. Enjoy a drink in the Lighthouse Bar, a Sandwich from Puffins or some of Jean’s fabulous cooking at BeBeached Café. Then you can workit off hiring a bike from Caitlin’s Beach Cruisers! In the summer it’s a busy, and interesting place to be indeed.
With a Cafe and Bar you can relax in the sun watching the sea swell in and out.  additionally there is a Harbour Arm Gallery where you can often see artists working in the studios. Finally the shell lady named after Mrs Booth stands at the end.

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