Things to do at the Beach

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Things to do at the Beach

Things to do at the Beach

Go for a swim
Swimming is relaxing and fun, just remember the sea can be a bit colder than you expect even on the hottest day.  Some people just go for it and others slowly ease in, what ever you do just remember to enjoy it!

Thanet is one of the few places in the UK where you can go surfing, so head over to Joss Bay Surf School and have some surf fun!

Jet Ski
If you do not have a Jet Ski then do not worry because you can hire a jet ski here and whizz about for some Jet powered fun

Sea Lion trip
You can book a sea searcher trip here and bob your way around the coast looking out for the wildilfe thanet has to offer.

Fishing Trip
You like sea fishing, then join a boat day trip from Ramsgate harbour and relax fishing in the sun.

Skim a stone
why not see how many bounces can you do?  Flat, smooth stones are the best for skimming, and there are plenty to be found on our beaches. Why not challenge your family and friends to a competition?

Fly a kite
Just pick a nice location and day near the coast where the light breeze makes for perfect kite-flying weather. While you’re flying your kite, keep an eye on the sky for seabirds.

Catch a fish with a net
Go on an adventure to the sea and find an underwater world that’s teeming with wildlife. You might find something hiding amongst the rocks and shallow waters or in a rock pool. Remember to put any fish back quickly once you’ve had a look, and don’t ever leave them in a bucket in the sun.

Jump over waves
Beaches serve up a never-ending supply of waves: big or small, all of them are fun to jump over. Who can leap the highest?

Barefoot walking
Go on a walk bare foot with soft sand and grassy headlands, the coast is the perfect place to kick off your shoes and go for a wander.

Exploring the cliffs
Explore and see wildlife chalk stacks and slimy green seaweeds – who knows what you’ll discover on your trip?

What ever you do if you’re heading to the beach this summer, then be sure to keep a look out for any caves in rocks near the beach. Lots of our places near the coast have caves or coves to explore, but you’ll need to watch out for the tides!


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Build a raft
If you want to be the ultimate coastal adventurist, there’s only one thing for it. Gather anything that floats such as driftwood, and then tie it together with string to become the captain of your very own Jolly Roger. Ahoy!

Crazy Golf
what trip to the beach wouldnt be comlete wihout a go on the crazy golf, and thanet has a few great venues.  here for example in Margate there is also Manston and Broadstairs Crazy golf too

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