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New Thanet Writers Website to Launch.

Local writing collective set to launch site to showcase Thanet’s writing talent Thanet Writers, a collective of local authors and poets, will be launching a magazine-style website on Friday the 15th April 2016 to showcase the writing talents of Thanet. The site,, will feature short stories, poetry, and book reviews, alongside literary essays and articles, and video content.

Local author Matthew Munson, a member of Thanet Writers, said, “I am honoured and overwhelmed to be part of such an impressive and interesting project. We are all really looking forward to the launch and have very exciting plans for the future. Writing is an opportunity to share stories and ideas in a way that resonates with others, and literature is such a monumental part of history.  Thanet’s contribution to the written word has been wonderful, and this is our way of continuing that legacy by bringing together writers and building something as a community.”

The custom-built website has been several months in the making, and Thanet Writers plan for it to become a hub of activity for all things literary, with new content published daily. Contributions from both traditionally and self-published authors will appear alongside poets, journalists, scriptwriters, bloggers, and writers who all have a connection to Thanet. The site is welcoming submissions from anyone who is linked to the area, whether professional or amateur. Content can be put forward for consideration via

Thanet Writers host gatherings every Tuesday evening from 7:30pm at the Ravensgate Arms in Ramsgate and each Thursday from 7:30pm at the Chapel Ale & Cider House in Broadstairs. You can find out more about Thanet Writers by visiting or by searching for Thanet Writers on Facebook or Twitter.

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