Bake and Alehouse

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The Bake & Alehouse

The Bake & Alehouse offers a selection of alcoholic beverages. What’s on offer varies, but usually includes:

  • A selection, on average four or five, of different real ales (to date, the Bake & Alehouse has had over 534 different beers available or pending from over 90 different breweries. On the 524 of these where we have recorded the ABV, these have varied in strength from 2.90% to 7.00%).
  • A selection of ciders. These are of varying strengths (some as ‘low’ as about 6% and some nearer, or even over, 8%) and, in the winter months, the Bake & Alehouse often offer a Hot Monks Delight (a warm cider, served by the half-pint).
  • A perry is also sometimes on offer.
  • There’s also a selection of wine, some sourced from Kent breweries and suppliers.

The Bake and Alehouse

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Bake & Alehouse
21 St. Mildred’s Road,


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