Bulb £100 referral credit offer!

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Great news you can still get a bulb credit referral offer by following our referral link.

By following the link above you will be pushed over to bulbs website who will take care of everything, however, If you have come here for the bulb £100 referral  credit offer then sadly you have missed this offering. That said bulbs offering of an amazing £50 referral credit is not to be missed so don’t delay get a quote now and £50 referral credit with this link 


For 7 days only you can get £100 credit referral bonus with our link for bulb energy.

This offer is only valid from Thursday 13th December to Wednesday 19th December 2018.

Click here for your £100 referral link

By signing up with our link bulb will give you £100 for just signing up through our link between Thursday 13th December Wednesday 19th December. Before or after this date bulb will only give £50 credit for joining.

It is really easy to switch on the bulb website using our link and most people save around £200 a year compared to British Gas in addition to bulbs £100 credit offer by using the link!

The transfer only takes 5 minutes to start off and all you have to do is fill out the simple form, bulb will-do the hard work for you by contacting your existing supplier.

When you switch you should have a good feeling knowing that your using 100% green energy, and getting much cheaper energy to boot and bulb £100 referral.

If you don’t use this referral link then you will not get the bonus £100 credit on your account, so many thanks go to bulb for this, now go and enjoy your cheaper energy!

Remember the £100 offer is for 7 days only between Thursday 13th December and Wednesday 19th December.

 Visit here for more info

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