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Botany Bay – 2016 Blue Flag

has a nice open feel to it with easy access to the beach, however there is limited parking available

The bay has high chalk cliffs that can make for some amazing sights and great photos.  Botany Bay is also popular for surfing and canoeing it also has a lot of well inhabited rocks to explore with the family.

Caution: At high tide some there are some outlying areas that can be cut off by the sea at high tide, check out our tide timetable.

There is a large grass area at the top of the cliffs, however be aware there are no fences and the drop is around 30 feet to the beach.


  • Tea Gardens
  • Popular for surfing and canoeing
  • Some rock areas for children to explore (low tide)
  • Pub and Restaurant near to beach
  • Hotel
  • Public Toilets
  • Ice-cream stall on beach
  • large grass area (no fence on cliff)


  • Beach is near to road with a 50 foot ramp down to the beach.


Botany Bay, Kingsgate


  • Botany Bay Lifeguards from May to September


  • Golden Sandy Beach
  • Bay inspectors clean through day


  • 2012 Blue Flag award.
  • 2013 Blue Flag award.
    2014 Blue Flag award
  • 2015 Blue Flag award


  • limited parking (10 spaces) at top of ramp, some street space.

Botany Bay postcode


  • Dogs are now banned between 10am and 6pm from 1st May to the 30th September
    Flouting this rule carries an £80 Fine.



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