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ExploreThanet - High Tide Times, Things to do, Micro Pubs and More!

Micro Pubs in Thanet

There are many Micro Pubs in Thanet they offer a small freehouse which listens to its customers, mainly serves cask ales, promotes conversation, shuns all forms of electronic entertainment and dabbles in traditional pub snacks’ There may be differences between the pubs; they may or may not have a bar, they might serve beer straight…
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Things to do at the Beach

Things to do at the Beach Go for a swim Swimming is relaxing and fun, just remember the sea can be a bit colder than you expect even on the hottest day.  Some people just go for it and others slowly ease in, what ever you do just remember to enjoy it! Surfing Thanet is…
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Thanet Easter Beer Festival April 2017

Thanet Easter Beer Festival April 2017 Thanet Beer Festival 2017 The festival will feature 200 real ales, ciders & perries Live music Friday afternoon and evening and Saturday afternoon and evening Souvenir glasses, hot and cold food available at all times Children allowed when accompanied by well-behaved adults welcome until 7.00pm Friday 12 noon –…
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Comb Winter Beaches for Stunning Stones, Shells And More!

Winter is a great time to wrap up warm and head to the beach for a spot of shell collecting. Stormy seas can throw up more interesting seashells than the calm summer waters reveal, making it the perfect time to beach comb for fun, or to find some amazing materials for your next craft. The best…
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Weather View UK

live weather from sun to snow it is all here brought to you from the great peps at VENTUSKY.

Save £200 a year on energy, and get £50 referral credit

Octopus Energy has grown incredibly quickly since its launch in 2016. It now supplies more than 1.4 million homes and are Which recommended Energy Supplier in 2020!Dont forget the Octopus Energy £50 Referral credit Octopus Energy are recommended by WhichClick to Sign Up and get £50 Octopus Energy is committed to ‘fair and transparent’ prices and to making things as simple…
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Why do we have high and low tide tides?

Why do we have high and low tide tides? Tides are the rise and fall of sea levels caused by the combined effects of gravitational forces exerted by the Moon, Sun, and rotation of the Earth. See our live Thanet High Tide Timetable Some shorelines experience two nearly equal high and low tides each day, called…
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Pokemon Go pokestops and gyms in Thanet

We have created a you tube video to help you find the best Pokemon Go pokestops and gyms in Thanet, these are listed in ordered from 5 to 1.  These zones are based on the concentration of pokestops and gyms in the area.

What a weekend packed with events

What a weekend packed with events! I hope everyone has had a great weekend in Thanet so far!  So much has been going on Margate We have see the pumping soul weekend in Margate capped off with the Margate carnival today whip the crouds in to a frenzy. Broadstairs While in Broadstairs the Folk Week…
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Broadstairs Fireworks – 2016

Broadstairs are proud to put on firework displays this summer for the family to enjoy for free. The dates of the Displays are as follows. offical site : Wednesday 27th July 2016 Firework display 9.45pm (subject to slight change) Live music by Funkle Pie at the Bandstand from 8.00pm. Wednesday 17th August 2016 – Finale to Water Gala Firework display 9.45pm (subject to…
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