2014 March Margate Beach Cross.

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2014 March Margate Beach Cross.

Margate hosted what can only be described as one of the best beach cross events yet, the sun was shining all day and the heat was on and im not talking about the race. It was a scorching 20c in Margate which made Margate in Thanet England hotter than the popular tourist spot Malaga in Spain!

With hot weather on Margates side and renewed interest in the town from the new TV show Edge of Heaven thousands of people flocked to the seaside, many were dressed in bikinis in March which is crazy – strangely enough a few people got quite burnt, not expecting the sun to have so much power!

Anyhow at ExploreThanet we thought we should share with you a couple of pictures from our day out at the Margate Beach Cross.

A successful couple of days, well done everyone involved..

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